Wicked Style is a music blog that was launched in 2005 by Aurelio Cianciotta, aka Jaurelio, now HAU, dj and music review editor for Neural magazine. Wicked Style now is focused mainly on techno and electro. It features fresh releases from all over the world, as well as news about the international clubscene. Furthermore Wicked Style is involved in street art, laptop djing, dj gears, controllerism, vjing, video and music production software. If you want to submit stuff for a review please send files to Aurelio Cianciotta. Wicked Style is serious about music: if you don’t ask for, we wan’t post mp3 links anywhere and we don’t share files. If you want a review on Wicked Style you will send a complete release please (320 kbs, no Soundcloud links, no podcasts, no fuzzy mixes, no streaming, no Bandcamp, no Beatport links or YouTube pages).